Mitt Romney Is Obama Light

Mitt Romney is another in a long line of Progressive Republicans also known as Republicans In Name Only or RINO’s. The only thing conservative about the former Governor of Massachusetts are his suits.

Romney talks a good game and is by far the most polished debater of the Republican field but just because someone can deliver a quick one-liner doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be president. We’re not going to elect Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock president any time soon just because they’re good at delivering witty repartee.

Like President Obama, Romney has a habit of stating one thing to the media and implementing a policy that is exactly the opposite of what he said. The similarities don’t end there, President Obama publicly praised Mitt Romney when he implemented universal healthcare in Massachusetts, and modeled Obamacare after the governor’s plan.

The plan Romney instituted included a mandate that every citizen of Massachusetts must purchase health insurance. Furthermore he supported President Obama’s desire for a public option which would have created another massive government entity.

Mitt says he supports the 2nd Amendment yet he was an outspoken proponent of the Brady Bill and a ban on assault rifles in Massachusetts.

Romney is an ardent “pro choice” supporter in direct opposition to one of the pillars of conservatism.

But it doesn’t stop there, Governor Romney is also a believer in “man made” global warming despite the evidence to the contrary, reams of falsified data, and that most of the major tenets of man-made climate change have been disproven.

As if that’s not enough, Romney was also an advocate for the Toxic Asset Relief Program known as TARP and supported President Obama’s trillion-dollar boondoggle, the stimulus plan.

Romney claims to be a friend of business, yet he believes that companies should be required to report the number of employees it has by race, sex, and income. Why would anyone, especially a candidate for president support such a measure? Because they are defenders of government mandated employment levels rather than an employer’s right to hire the best person for the job.

Governor Romney has shown his naivete’ in military matters as well, stating that our armed forces should telegraph our strategy to our enemies by setting arbitrary time tables for our withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

And if you needed further proof that Mitt Romney is not a conservative, the video below not only shows all of the above, but shows him purposely distancing himself from one of the most conservative presidents in history, Ronald Reagan.

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