MTV Crying Teens Say They Don’t Regret Abortion

MTV has produced shows called “16 and Pregnant” and Teen Mom where each of the moms chose to give birth to their children. They recently aired “No Easy Decision” dealing with abortion. In this interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, three young women share their thoughts. One girl Markai had become pregnant before and was raising her daughter but when she became pregnant again only months after giving birth she chose abortion for her second child.

What I saw as plain as day was the struggle to justify the killing of their babies. In one part of a sentence they say they don’t regret anything but in the next they are crying and acknowledging their babies. Katy and Natalia join Markai on “No Easy Decision”. Natalia starts by saying that she went to court to get a judicial bypass to have an abortion. Against the law a judge allowed this 17 year old to get an abortion without parental consent. Her state passed a law for parental consent but this judge decided not to follow the law. What good are laws if judges will not abide by them?

Natalia goes on to express how hard it was to “stand in front of a stranger …begging for permission to make your own decision.” Then she goes on to say she had to have counseling and then was “forced to see the ultrasound which I didn’t necessarily want to.” Markai asks, “They made you see the sonogram? That’s horrible” and as Natalia starts crying Markai puts her arm around her saying “That’s just ridiculous.” Natalia says “That process that’s what I’m sad about. That felt like such a violation, you know, that for me is what was the hardest part.” She starts to say something, stops and shakes her head. Seeing the sonogram was worse than the abortion? Wow. What does that say?

Ok the reason why that was the hardest is because she came face to face with the life she would soon kill. But rather than acknowledging the wrong in killing her baby the focus is pushed on “being forced to see the ultrasound.” Her mind won’t allow her to deal with the pain of the horror of abortion. Refocusing allows for self preservation. I wonder if watching themselves in this interview they will realize that they truly aren’t dealing with the truth.
Katy even said she did acknowledge her baby and was also offended by her boyfriend calling it “a thing.” Then how does someone live with that decision to kill a baby? They justify saying they couldn’t carry the baby and give it away.

While they all seemed to think through their choice before hand even with tears, what possesses a person to destroy their baby? The reasons given were as follows:
1. Don’t want to raise a child
2. Don’t want to disappoint parents
3. Katy always wanted to adopt but couldn’t “be on the other side of that”
4. James, Markai’s boyfriend says, “It’s like setting ourselves up to fail and setting our kids up to fail; that’s one thing I’m never gonna do that. I think like abortion, like, is the better option for our family.”
Again where is the logic in killing a child for everyone’s best interest? Abortion is failure to complete a life.

The abortion clinic “counselor” told Markai to “not think of it with ten fingers and ten toes cuz if you think of it like that you’re gonna make yourself depressed. So think of it for what it is – a little ball of cells.” Sure, if we tell ourselves the truth there is a built in mechanism that tells us we’ve done something terribly wrong. We all know but we justify keeping our pain away. So we use lies to make ourselves feel better.

My heart broke as I listened to Markai, along with her boyfriend, state reasons for not allowing their baby to have a chance at life. Those reasons were simply based on their own lives, growing up poor. Being poor and having to work and go to school is so terrible that it would justify ending a life? Should Markai and her boyfriend have been killed and not have a chance to rise above circumstances? Our thinking is so very mangled and illogical. What about the thousands of couples desperate to have a family?

Markai is an African American and statistics show the loss of over 14 million black babies through abortion has played a significant part in their population decline. There are many programs to advance African Americans but the genocide continues to be ignored. Why do kids believe it is a “better choice” to kill a child than to wait to have sex until marriage? Self gratification is god.

I watched both episodes of Markai and her boyfriend making their decision to abort and the “No Easy Decision” interviewing Markai with two other post abortive young women. What a messed up way of thinking. Crying and acknowledging the reality of the pregnancy being a baby, yet choosing to kill that child for their best interests. Then justifying themselves saying they didn’t regret their abortions. Clearly these girls were hurting but with their mouths they professed even “being proud” of their choice.

Now after having had the abortion Markai’s boyfriend says, “If I saw ten toes and fingers I wouldn’t be able to do it.” Markai crying says, as if to reassure herself, “it’s just a bunch of cells…” but continues talking about her abortion choice, “I wonder if we could’ve made a better one.” However in a previous scene with her boyfriend after the abortion Markai is offended by him saying, “I never called that thing a baby.” She wants him to acknowledge the baby. Going back and forth from one side to the other these girls speak truth then contradict themselves with lies.

One must struggle with something that is wrong. The first time we do something wrong we are ashamed but as we continue to justify our wrongs we cover ourselves with deception that will dull the pain for awhile. God speaks to us until we have completely pushed Him out of our lives. At first we hear Him speak through our conscience but the more we ignore that voice the less we hear until there is only our own voice.

We just celebrated Christmas – the birth of a Savior. Planned Parenthood offered warm and bloody gift certificates! It is utterly deplorable that in celebration of life eternal, PP offered death certificates. What we are witnessing is the exchange of truth for lies and the exchange of good for evil.

Planned Parenthood is by no means planning parenthood but instead banning parenthood. They are indoctrinating people like Katy who said; to terminate her pregnancy was “kinda a parenting decision.” To parent, a person must have a child to parent. Parenting is not the destruction of your child.

Markai says, “I get sad from time to time thinking about it but then everything happens for a reason,” she wrote. “God gave me 3 paths to take abortion, adoption, or raising this baby along with another.” People talk about God but they don’t do what He wants. Yes there will always be choices but God has told us what to do. First is to wait for sex until marriage and clearly to choose life over death.

She says in her FB page “My motive for this episode is to not say ‘hey look at me I got pregnant again.’ But to encourage you all to stand up for each other. To respect one another to feel each other’s sympathy and pain. One thing we can all agree on is no one is pro-abortion! (no one with a heart at least) No one wants to have an abortion or even go through this type of procedure,”
If you are not for something then you don’t do it. Why do something you are against?

Yes there is an inner struggle because God made us that way. He said in Duet 30:19 This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Even the comments about the interview left on MTV’s website show the confusion and contradictions of decisions to abort.

We are programmed to know right from wrong. Remember in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? So we intrinsically understand right from wrong. We must fight desperately to go against what we know to make ourselves feel better about the wrongs we do. Teachers and parents will also hold the guilt for not training children to reinforce what is good.

While we can still know truth let us seek it with all our strength.

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  1. Natalia says:

    Get your facts straight, you mixed up several quotes. This kind of misinformation does an injustice to the whole topic. Whether you agree with abortion or not, the show was valuable because it is an open and honest portrayal of the experience from women who have been there. It’s about time the discussion included the voices of those who have been there and not just old men and politicians. An intelligent pro-lifer would at least acknowledge the value of mature, intelligent discourse. [Expletive deleted]

    • Juda says:

      Thank you for your comment. However if you will watch the videos you will see that I quoted verbatim. I do not want to misquote anyone because what a person says is very important especially when it contradicts their actions.

      Intelligent discourse? Most welcomed. But honesty would be appreciated also.

  2. A.M. says:

    It would be nice if you specified what “misinformation” you are talking about instead of just being a pro-abortion troll.

    I just saw the video, and I can’t say that I saw much “mature and intelligent discourse” here, just three sad girls that will regret the extermination of their child for the rest of their lives. Raising a child is hard, but I’ve never met anyone in my life that regretted having children.

    I found it very disturbing that these girls were more offended with having to see the sonogram than the fact that they just paid a doctor to dismember their unborn baby.

    And poor James – When he said that having this baby was “like setting ourselves up to fail”, I could only wonder if he had the same apprehension when deciding to tattoo his neck.

  3. BillKneer says:

    Aaron why let specifics and facts get in the way of you agenda. The baby killing industry has been ignoring the facts for years…and just in case someone wants me to point out the “Specifics” i will…they have lied and redefined life to fit there baby killing agenda..

  4. Todd Kinsey says:

    I think MTV has been at the forefront of what I call the “perversification of America.” The programs they produce promote the gay agenda, that hooking up is okay and normal, and that abortion is okay. This is the type of programming that the FCC should be after not regulating the internet but I guess we all know that part of the socialist plan is to destroy the very fabric of American society.

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