Racism in America – A Race-Based Witchhunt

I admit I have not paid much attention to the Zimmerman trial. This event occurred in Florida, not in Texas. But we have a system throughout our nation by which we judge the guilty and exonerate the non-guilty. And now this system is being thwarted by partisans, which bodes ill for the nation.

Despite the Zimmerman verdict, many communities have been stirred up based on the topic of race—the convenient default mechanism used so cavalierly when a verdict doesn’t to their way. Regardless that our justice system did its job and found Zimmerman not guilty, some Americans are not satisfied. They want are out for blood in a race-based witchhunt. It seems that race-baiters are compelled to create divisions between different populations of Americans and are intent on ignoring the decision of a fully informed jury. All that matters is that a black man died at the hands of a non-black man. To them, the non-black person must be a hateful racist deserving death.

I wish these race-baiters cared as much about black-on-black crime, but they do not. It does not advance their agenda to spotlight the horrible death camp otherwise known as Chicago, where black-on-black crime runs rampant regardless of the strictest gun laws in the nation. So many lives have been destroyed by drugs, abortion, and a lack of respect for the family. But no one cares about the breakdown of the family, which is an undermining cause of all the death and suffering.

So it’s okay for a black man to kill a black man, but if a non-black kills a black man no matter the reason, he is guilty and must die? This is NOT America. This racial divide, for the most part, would have been left in the past, especially as younger generations so easily make friends with all ethnicities, play sports together, go to school together, and enter the workforce together. Our youth are color-blind, accepting, and have been raised by us to judge others by their character, not their skin color.

How frustrating it is when hateful and self-serving instigators insist on resurrecting a bitter topic over and over, ruining the progress we have made. Case in point: Zimmerman has been condemned by many in the African American community, regardless of the jury’s findings. And the “top brass” has hopped on board including Eric Holder and Obama, himself, feeding the flames of riots and hatred. They want no healing. They want division, not unity.

Now we have marches around the nation demanding a “trade” of Latino blood in retribution for the blood of a black man. Of course, the backlash is that other communities now also march to support Zimmerman and his right to defend himself. This has the potential of blowing up in our faces, making the American justice system a powder keg rather than a means to settle disputes and dispense justice.

“Judge me NOT by the color of my skin…” Does this mean anything anymore? I think any organization solely and exclusively based on separating the races is wrong. It does no real good, and it panders to factions rather than binding us together as people. For instance, it is acceptable for minority groups to have programs and affiliations based on race and color, but it is not acceptable for whites to do the same. We have the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but no National Association for the Advancement of White People. Why? As nearly every demographic within our country struggles with unemployment, national debt, Godlessness and lawlessness, why is there a focus on “race,” rather than a focus on jobs and the rule of law? This seems ironic in a nation that heralds equality.

We are Americans and I do not care what color we are on the outside. I care about people based solely upon what’s on the inside, and it is about time we stop letting people divide us based on race. This is the time to unite as a country of souls, a country that is not perfect, but founded on ideals that push us toward a more perfect union.

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