Republican Front Runner Mitt Romney Does All He Can to Ensure the Reelection of Barack Hussein Obama

Mitt Romney

Throughout this Republican primary many of us on the social conservative side have had many questions and doubts about Mitt Romney. In the past Mitt Romney has shown that he is not the conservative “Ronald Reagan” nominee that we would all have liked to have had at the top of the ticket to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

Many, including myself, have long thought that Mitt Romney holds many views in common with the Democrat party. As Obama and the left is busy stealing our healthcare he was using the blueprints that Mitt Romney made as he nationalized healthcare in Massachusetts.
Mitt Romney in April 2010 on camera admitted there were similarities between Romneycare and Obamacare. In the end he said “he would eliminate some of the differences, he would repeal the bad and keep the good”. Mitt Romney today says he would eliminate Obama care. It is my belief that he says this not because it is in his heart, but because it is the most politically correct thing to say to get elected.

One of the biggest concerns that we have had about Mitt Romney is his stand on life or should I say his stand for death? Throughout his political career, Mitt Romney has been a strong advocate for abortion. In the 2002 debate, as he was running for election in Massachusetts Mitt Romney stated on camera “I have been very clear on that, I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Mitt Romney further went on to say “the age of consent for women to have an abortion is 18. If she would like to have an abortion under the age of 18 she would need to get the permission from one of her parents. But if her parents would not give her permission she could always go to a judge for permission.” Mitt Romney in this case is stating publicly that the judge has more rights when it comes to your children than you do.

Now today Mitt Romney says he is pro-life and has always been pro-life. But we all know Mitt Romney is not pro-life.  He is pro-winning the presidency and saying and doing what he can to get elected.

Friday, May 18, 2012 Life Site News reported an article headlined “Mitt Romney holds fundraiser with manufacturer of the morning-after pill ” (The abortion pill)

The article stated, “It’s a huge disappointment,” Brian Camenker, director of the Massachusetts-based pro-family organization MassResistance told “You wouldn’t see someone who was really pro-life doing a fundraiser with somebody who helped the abortion industry.

Romney, being at the head of our Republican ticket, is a huge disappointment and a letdown for all of us who believe that life is precious and begins at conception. Despite this fact, Republicans have no choice but to support Mitt Romney if indeed he becomes the Republican nominee (as he most likely will).

Barack Hussein Obama cannot be allowed to rule another four years.  Our nation cannot stand another term. But if Mitt Romney continues to stick his fingers in the eyes of the evangelical voters, and voters who are strong advocates for life, some will choose to move in a different direction and this may split the Republican vote and ensure another four years of destruction under the rule of Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. Anonymous-88 says:

    Do you believe that Obama isn´t, by a long shot, spending enough to get the US out of the crisis?

    Do you believe abortion and circumcision needs to be paid for by the taxpayers?

    Do you believe that the US need to open its borders more and amnistie all illegal immigrants?

    Do you believe that the English language is a tool of pression against ethnic and religious minorities?

    Do you believe the tea party and Sarah Palin needs visits from the FBI?

    Do you want Zimmerman sent to the grill for hate crime?

    Do you see the US constitution as irrelevant?

    Romney 2012, for a change that is guaranteed!

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