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Help For Sex Trafficked

In the past decade human trafficking has become a global epidemic with an estimated 21 to 30 million people currently enslaved according to research. The attitude towards prostitutes is often of disgust but many times these girls had no desire to be in this industry. They are primed and trained to smile and learn to act like they enjoy what they are doing. But those who have heard the horrors behind the scenes are more apt to offer compassion and solutions. CHOICES4LIFE is reaching out to women who have no solutions. Our safe house is a partnership with a former police officer who has personal experience helping victims.The safe house is security guarded giving peace to those who fear for their lives and giving hope of a future of freedom.


Hate Speech Must STOP

Today I’ve been bombarded with articles with hate speech against those persons placed in their mother’s womb after rape. “Demon seeds” “certainly a woman’s choice” in cases of rape. What gives these people the right to say they are worthy of being on earth but people like myself are not? Allen West, “Bishop” Paul S. Morton, Sr., Billy Graham, Sean Hannity and so many people who proclaim to be prolife will stand boldly against innocent babies placed in their mother’s womb after rape. What deception! What arrogance! What ignorance! Bishop Paul S. Morton went so far as to say we were demon seeds.

I am tired of hearing the hypocrisy. If we said anything like kill babies because the father was black or kill them because we think they might be homosexuals the world would have us standing before a firing squad.

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Government and Abortion

The abortion debate will never cease… not as long as life is at stake. It is one of those life and death topics that polarizes political parties—with good reason. Some of us believe that once conceived, a baby is anchored with inalienable rights, and that human beings at any stage of life have personhood. Those of us who are pro-life tend to be Republican and generally do not support political candidates who advocate for abortion.

Abortion Mavericks?

Yet within our party are some elected officials who believe babies are disposable. They argue that babies conceived of rape or incest are disposable. And some believe babies with birth defects should be culled from existence.


Mitt Romney Is Obama Light

Mitt Romney is another in a long line of Progressive Republicans also known as Republicans In Name Only or RINO’s. The only thing conservative about the former Governor of Massachusetts are his suits.

Romney talks a good game and is by far the most polished debater of the Republican field but just because someone can deliver a quick one-liner doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be president. We’re not going to elect Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock president any time soon just because they’re good at delivering witty repartee.

Like President Obama, Romney has a habit of stating one thing to the media and implementing a policy that is exactly the opposite of what he said. The similarities don’t end there,

Democrats Use Science As A Weapon

For the better part of a century, socialists (Democrats) have been using science as a weapon to destroy the very fabric of American society. Today they propagate the global warming myth, forty years ago they were sounding the global cooling alarm, and they’ve used junk science to teach evolution in our nation’s schools.

To the socialist it is somehow easier to believe that aliens put us here or that we emerged from some primordial sludge than it is to believe in God. Socialist leadership, under the guise of “organizing”, use the environment, gay rights, immigration, or any number of causes as a form of religion to keep their unwitting masses in line. Their absence of God, and therefore morality, leaves these desperate souls longing to believe in something. How else can you explain a human being that is willing to risk their life to save a tree or a whale, yet they have no qualms about aborting a baby or assisted suicide?