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The Debt For Student Loan Threatens And Impacts The Us Economy To A Great Extent

The federal government of USA decided to grant loans to student in the year 1965, which is still continuing. The students were granted loans, so that they can study in the college and repay the loans when they find a job. However, it is this program that has turned out to be a pain in the neck in today’s economic condition of America. This is because it is these loans that are threatening the US economy. There are of course several reasons why such a situation has aroused today. A brief study will indicate the reason why the student loans are keeping the condition of the economy down.

Increased Rate Of Interest:

Recently, the rate of interest on the student loan has been increased to 6.8% from 3.4 %. This is indeed a huge rise, which has made it very difficult for the students to repay the loan.


Looking Abroad For Answers To The U.S. Debt Crisis

Washington, D.C., August 20, 2011 – Just recently, the United States found itself on the verge of financial crisis. Both parties have proposed several plans, yet both houses of Congress and the President took until the last minute to agree on a solution. Moody has even announced that it is unlikely that any plan will prevent a downgrade.

While an immediate crisis looms, the U.S. also finds itself facing a crossroads about what type of nation it will be in the long-term.

The U.S. could end up as a nation that no longer has any money to borrow. It may have to beg international organizations for a bailout. The U.S. could run out of money to fund essential parts of its government and lead to massive unrest amongst its citizens. America could end up like Greece.

Democrat Trickle Down Economics – Sit Home The Rich Will Take Care Of You

Barack Obama says if you and your wife make up to $250,000 a year, he will raise your taxes, and according to Barack Obama you are a rich person. According to Barack Obama, it does it not matter if you have 5 or more children, it does not matter what other commitments your households have, you will have to pay more taxes because you are “rich”. What Mr. Obama really wants to do is to take your money and give it to the “less fortunate”, which happens to include me and a lot of other people in the United States who make a lot less than that amount. This is nothing but wealth re-distribution a la Obama, which hurts job creation, and in turn, hurts the “less fortunate.” “Spread the wealth” Obama ideology is akin to a buffet prepared by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with the standard imported caviar served at DNC parties from Moscow, the Moscow of Lenin and Stalin. Let’s face it: Obama wants to turn this country into a communist enclave by fostering class warfare – taking from the rich and giving to the poor – Robin Hood economics.

President Clinton, You Are A Hypocrite Sir!

A few years ago, I had the misfortune of watching 4 very depressing and agonizing interviews and then started asking myself how come I watched all that nonsense. I will only talk about two of those interviews, Bill Clinton-I that is the Bill Clinton interview on the David Letterman show and Bill Clinton-II which is the Bill Clinton interview on Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw.

Let me make this clear, I don’t like Bill Clinton, not for being the first black President according to Maya Angelou; I couldn’t care less what color he is, I don’t like Bill Clinton for what he stands for, deceit, lies, hypocrisy and a whole lot of bull crap.

First bull crap: Bill Clinton made Nigeria and irresponsible Olusegun Obasanjo then President of Nigeria to waste millions of Naira and dollars to receive him for three days in 2000,

Real unemployment approaches 25-percent

The Obama administration released the unemployment figures again today and magically the unemployment rate remained at 9.1-percent, despite only adding 103,000 jobs, and loosing over 400,000 jobs yet again. The internals of the numbers paint an even worse picture; 45,000 of the jobs added were striking union members from Verizon finally returning to work, thus making the real jobs added a paltry 58,000.

With the economy routinely loosing far more jobs than it adds, you have to ask how the unemployment number can remain stable at 9.1-percent? The reason for this is that the Obama administration is arbitrarily counting the number of jobs that exist.