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Ron Paul and Obama – Dangerous Men

Ben Barrack has posted a very incriminating piece on Ron Paul:

Ron Paul Letter from 1993 Makes 9/11 Truthers Look Perfectly Sane

The type of phrasing in the letters signed by Ron Paul in 1993 is the very same type of language that he spews right now. It will be very hard for him to convince the public that he did not make such statements as, “Martin Luther King, Jr. is a world-class philanderer.”

Ron Paul has always been unstable. I have followed him for years. He has never been considered by his fellow Congressmen as a leader because of his far-out Libertarian views. For those people who think Ron Paul would make a good leader for our country, let’s take a look at what kind of a leader he has been in Congress.

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Law To Help Educate Illegal Immigrants

California Governor Jerry Brown signed the “California Dream Act” into law on Monday.

AB 130 will allow illegal aliens access to financial aid funded by the private sector. There is a second part of the bill, which is still in the Senate, that will allow illegal immigrants access to tax payer funded financial aid as well. Governor Brown as hinted that he will support this part of the bill as well.

The absurd part of this legislation is the fact that it doesn’t do anything to help provide these people with a legal path to citizenship, so after California tax payers help educate these students, it will be illegal for anyone to hire them once they enter the workforce.

Alternative To The Day Of Silence The Day Of Dialogue

Why We Fight for Student Free Speech

This year, April 15 is more than just the due date for your income tax returns – it’s the pro-homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender Day of Silence, in which students are encouraged to remain silent all day to support “equality” for homosexuals.

As a high school or college student, do you wish your classmates could hear more of the story—like the truth about God’s deep love for us and what the Bible really says about His redemptive design for marriage and sexuality? Wouldn’t it be nice if a deeper and freer conversation could happen when controversial sexual topics are brought up in your school?

The good news is, it can—and that’s where Day of Dialogue comes in.

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Congressmen: A Great Place To Cut Funding Is National Assessments

Almost daily I continue to submit my requests to Congress, asking them to cut the federal funding of Common Core Standards, Race to the Top, and the national assessments.

Besides the obvious — that CCS/RTTT is a federal takeover of the public schools and lies way outside the provisions of the U. S. Constitution — American taxpayers simply cannot afford it.

Besides the cost of states’ dumping their own textbooks, standards, and tests in order to implement the Common Core Standards, the cost of the national assessments alone would be horrendous!

An education technology expert whose name I shall keep confidential explained to me how expensive the national assessments would actually be, and the costs would fall squarely on the shoulders of local taxpayers.


Education and Electronic Technology

As we get ready to begin the second decade of the 21st Century, we note that electronic and computer technology is making a great difference in the way we live, communicate, work and do business. The internet has been to modern society what the printing press was to the world in the 15th century. Martin Luther had several predecessors(Jan Huss, John Wycliff) in his ideas on the Bible and church services in the language of the people, but it was not until the printing press came along that those ideas would disseminate rapidly. In such a way the internet and other electronic technology is affecting us today.