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Herman Cain Says He Will Give the EPA an Attitude Adjustment

La Marque, TX – On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Republican Presidential Front-runner Herman Cain delivered a powerful speech thirty-two minute speech to the Clear Lake Tea Party. His broad speech covered a variety of topics ranging from the economy to leadership and everything in between.

Herman Cain also delivers a much needed lesson in leadership to President Obama.

The Real Problem With US Foreign Policy

It is interesting to see the Obama regime struggle with the situation in North Africa and the Middle East. Regimes which have supported us in the past are being challenged or torn down. The problem with such things, is that no one really knows what the end result will be. Sadly, the United States has spent the last thirty-eight years not worrying about the real problem.

In the past, the policy of the USA has concentrated on two points, maintaining the supply of petroleum, and guarding the sovereignty of Israel. While, as a Christian I think guarding Israel’s sovereignty is important, and while I agree with aiding democracy anywhere, we have to be ware of several factors.