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Are Low Interest Rates Bad For The Economy? Sheila Bair Thinks So

Sheila Bair, the former chairperson of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, feels that the low interest rate policies of the Federal Reserve will not help boost the economy.
Of late, as the low-interest rate policy has been introduced by the Federal Reserve, there has been mixed reactions from all tiers of the society. Sheila Bair, the erstwhile chairperson of FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), is of the opinion that rather than helping the economy, low interest rates are hurting it.

Conventionally, low rates of interest have been assisting the mortgage market of the United States to recuperate through drawing many new customers to the marketplace and enabling the existing house owners to go for refinancing of their existing loans at a cheaper rate and save money in this.

Fair Tax Would Increase GDP By 10.5% In The 1st Year, Producing Jobs For All Americans

Economist Dale Jorgenson of Harvard University released a research paper showing that, “…the revenue neutral substitution of the FairTax for existing taxes would have an immediate and powerful impact on the level of economic activity. GDP would increase by almost 10.5 percent in the first year.”* Jobs produced by that level of growth would be an awesome boost for our country.

However, Obama continues to attack business and kill jobs with every move. Updates today show that Obama’s out of control government policies and his back breaking anti-investment regulations have killed more jobs while bringing GDP growth to a screeching 1.8% annual rate. As if $4/gallon Gas & 17%+ under-employment was not bad enough, our President and liberal cohorts continue to push for more spending and greater powers for the EPA to protect bugs rather than help