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Obama Pushed The LGBT Agenda And Bans All Religious Items From Walter Reed Medical Center

When a new administration comes into power in the White House, the top politicos in each government agency/department/cabinet leave. This is what happened when Pres. Bush left office and Obama entered the scene.

Upon coming into power, Obama began putting his leftist politicos into the top agencies/departments/cabinet. As time has gone by, those people have implemented their Obama-administration policies; and as attrition occurs among the non-politicos within these government entities, leftists of the same ilk as Obama are being hired until saturation finally occurs. This explains why each day we see new horrendous policies emerge from the Obama administration. Here are examples in the last two days:

Democrats Use Science As A Weapon

For the better part of a century, socialists (Democrats) have been using science as a weapon to destroy the very fabric of American society. Today they propagate the global warming myth, forty years ago they were sounding the global cooling alarm, and they’ve used junk science to teach evolution in our nation’s schools.

To the socialist it is somehow easier to believe that aliens put us here or that we emerged from some primordial sludge than it is to believe in God. Socialist leadership, under the guise of “organizing”, use the environment, gay rights, immigration, or any number of causes as a form of religion to keep their unwitting masses in line. Their absence of God, and therefore morality, leaves these desperate souls longing to believe in something. How else can you explain a human being that is willing to risk their life to save a tree or a whale, yet they have no qualms about aborting a baby or assisted suicide?

America Destroyed From Within

As we all know, our nation is under attack from forces outside and from within. When we look at those who are trying to destroy our nation, we all think of the faithful, or radical Muslims who over their long history, have done nothing but conquer, oppress, and kill those who do not believe in the false prophet and evil person of Mohamed. Then we have the other enemy the one that works within our nation’s borders and within our political and legal system to erode the vary fabric upon which our nation was founded.

But in truth we do not have multiple enemies, we have but one enemy, the evil one himself, and he is using evil forces from all over to destroy all that is good and just within the world. The Lord Jesus foretold this, when He told us in John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:


Celebration And Remembrance, Or Just Celebration? What Our Founding Fathers Really Said…

Celebration and Remembrance or Just Celebration?

What Our Founding Fathers Really Said

As we celebrate our country’s beginnings how many us truly remember and celebrate true beginnings? How many even care? Looking back on the formation of the United States of America we attribute her conception to the “founding fathers.” How soon do we forget what our own fathers have told us as we grow up and start a life for ourselves. So it’s no wonder that the majority of Americans can’t even name our founding fathers even less know what they thought. When we don’t remember our history we are sure to have a sketchy future.

Foundations are important. No building stands strong without a strong foundation.

Hit & Run-Dead Body In Front Seat

We hear about hit and runs all the time but this one is unbelievable. I was listening to Channel 2 Houston early this morning. They reported that a man was driving on I45 in Houston, TX. when he hit a pedestrian. He continued driving even though that pedestrian had gone through the windshield and was lodged between the windshield and the passenger seat.

The driver continued driving for over a mile as if nothing was wrong. He only stopped after police pulled him over noticing his broken windshield. To their horror they found a man severed at the knees laying in the car. When asked about the dead body in his car the man simply said he thought he had ran over something. Really?

I sat in shock listening to this report on the morning news.