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Herman Cain: Jesus Was The Perfect Conservative

Whether one votes for Herman Cain in the primary or in the General election, he certainly is a fun filled candidate. A wonderful Christmas story from Herman Cain is getting more mileage these days:

“Jesus helped the poor without one government program. He healed the sick without a government health care system. He [fed] the hungry without food stamps. And everywhere He went, it turned into a rally, attracting large crowds, and giving them hope, encouragement and inspiration.

For three years He was unemployed, and never collected an unemployment check. Nevertheless, he completed all the work He needed to get done. He didn’t travel by private jet. He walked and sailed, and sometimes traveled on a donkey.”

Most know that Jesus was obviously not a socialist for he taught that God who was even against government mandated job killing minimum wage.

Real unemployment approaches 25-percent

The Obama administration released the unemployment figures again today and magically the unemployment rate remained at 9.1-percent, despite only adding 103,000 jobs, and loosing over 400,000 jobs yet again. The internals of the numbers paint an even worse picture; 45,000 of the jobs added were striking union members from Verizon finally returning to work, thus making the real jobs added a paltry 58,000.

With the economy routinely loosing far more jobs than it adds, you have to ask how the unemployment number can remain stable at 9.1-percent? The reason for this is that the Obama administration is arbitrarily counting the number of jobs that exist.

Supreme Court Supports The Rights Of Wisconsin Workers Against Out Of Control Democratic Party – What Would Reagan Do?

We have been here before. Ronald Reagan was the first President of the United States to have been a life long AFL-CIO member and leader of a union, but when union bosses wanted to break the backs of hard working Americans, President Reagan fought hard for the rights of all Americans.

Now, Governor Scott Walker is trying to move forward and get jobs to Wisconsin again, but even after major loss in the last election, democratic party shamefully filed lawsuits against the voters, to try to force the union bosses will against the voters. Today the high court ruled that even ultra radical leftist judges in WI have no right to force the will of powerful union bosses

Fair Tax Would Increase GDP By 10.5% In The 1st Year, Producing Jobs For All Americans

Economist Dale Jorgenson of Harvard University released a research paper showing that, “…the revenue neutral substitution of the FairTax for existing taxes would have an immediate and powerful impact on the level of economic activity. GDP would increase by almost 10.5 percent in the first year.”* Jobs produced by that level of growth would be an awesome boost for our country.

However, Obama continues to attack business and kill jobs with every move. Updates today show that Obama’s out of control government policies and his back breaking anti-investment regulations have killed more jobs while bringing GDP growth to a screeching 1.8% annual rate. As if $4/gallon Gas & 17%+ under-employment was not bad enough, our President and liberal cohorts continue to push for more spending and greater powers for the EPA to protect bugs rather than help