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Herman Cain Says He Will Give the EPA an Attitude Adjustment

La Marque, TX – On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Republican Presidential Front-runner Herman Cain delivered a powerful speech thirty-two minute speech to the Clear Lake Tea Party. His broad speech covered a variety of topics ranging from the economy to leadership and everything in between.

Herman Cain also delivers a much needed lesson in leadership to President Obama.

Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Solution To Getting Rid Of High Unemployment

Dave Ramsey has gone from Zero to over 10 Million dollars in Sales in his small business. Even in this economy, he is growing his business and hiring the right candidates. Would you like to know the secret to how Dave Ramsey is growing his business? Many of us have been mentored by Dave Ramsey in his entreleadership seminars or via his broadcasts on radio, the web or on Foxnews, cnn, abc, or cbs, know how he does it, but up to now, the secret has not been as readily available as it’s going to be now.

If you are hurting, realize while Dave Ramsey now runs a successful business, a few years ago he was hurting just like many small business owners.

I was twenty-six I had over four million dollars in real estate with over one million dollars net worth. We owned and/or managed hundreds of rental units, ran three rehab crews, and quickly grew our little empire.