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What Conservative Media?

Media bias has been fact of political life for such a long time that many conservatives can’t remember a time when the media listing hard to port. At least we could, until quite recently, take solace that we had our own conservative media bastion, although it was nowhere near the size and the scope of the “lamestream media” (a term coined by Bernard Goldberg and made popular by Sarah Palin).

But at some point after the turn of the century, just as a majority of Americans began to visualize the true proportions of the larger media’s malpractice, our own little conservative press safe house had suffered a nasty termite infestation. Out of sight and out of mind behind the virtual walls of our conservative citadel of communications, hungry little pests were devouring the very foundation of that once proud citadel.

Disloyalty: Barack Obama’s Systematic Destruction Of America

The exponential growth in executive power under the leadership of President Obama is a daily fact of life to which Americans must daily adjust. New offenses against the Constitution and liberty are sustained nearly every week, and almost every day, by the lusty and lawless individual claiming the hallowed title of “President of the United States.”

But how does a President of the United States whose allegiance is to his country knowingly and in plain sight sabotage his nation’s defenses? Until recently, the discussions of severe military cuts remained in the appropriate realm of working groups, and few seriously considered Obama’s radical campaign promises to eliminate nuclear weapons from the US arsenal to be of any real validity. After all, many Democrat presidential contenders before Obama had pandered to pacifists and the armies of the naïve swelling the Democratic base in order to get elected.

The Church That Preaches Inequality – Who Am I?

For the first time in my life, someone told me I am not black enough and it happened in, of all places in the church? The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church meeting in Mobile Alabama to elect the leaders of the church decided to elect an indigenous Bishop for Africa, with limitations: The Bishop essentially will not have the same rights and privileges as an American Bishop: The African Bishop cannot preside over an American District, the African Bishop will be paid half the salary of an American Bishop, the African Bishop will perpetually be a junior Bishop and cannot become a Senior Bishop in the church. Basically, he/she will be a half Bishop, and they General Conference of the church passed the motion when the African delegation had no one seated. So I got up and raise a point requesting that copies of resolutions and reports be placed on the table of the African delegates, when the African delegates returned to the hall almost 2 hours after the resumption of business session,

Democrats Use Science As A Weapon

For the better part of a century, socialists (Democrats) have been using science as a weapon to destroy the very fabric of American society. Today they propagate the global warming myth, forty years ago they were sounding the global cooling alarm, and they’ve used junk science to teach evolution in our nation’s schools.

To the socialist it is somehow easier to believe that aliens put us here or that we emerged from some primordial sludge than it is to believe in God. Socialist leadership, under the guise of “organizing”, use the environment, gay rights, immigration, or any number of causes as a form of religion to keep their unwitting masses in line. Their absence of God, and therefore morality, leaves these desperate souls longing to believe in something. How else can you explain a human being that is willing to risk their life to save a tree or a whale, yet they have no qualms about aborting a baby or assisted suicide?

The Response Rally – The Only Thing Political About It Was The Media Covering It

Houston, TX – There was a smattering of protesters greeting attendees of the Response Rally in Houston, Texas on Saturday. No more than two or three dozen by my estimation compared to more than 25,000 who flocked to Reliant Stadium to pray for a nation in crisis.

The majority of the protesters were there in support of gay marriage. There were also a few people who were protesting for separation of church and state and, of course, there were a few atheists protesting God knows what.

A representative from Americans United for a Separation of Church and State was passing out a press release from their leader, Reverend Barry Lynn that asserts that Governor Perry is not recognizing “America’s wide spiritual diversity.”