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Will Mitt Romney Invite Sarah Palin To The GOP Convention?

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s campaign has not asked Sarah Palin to speak at the Republican National Convention next month. According to Newsweek’s Peter J. Boyer, the Romney camp hasn’t contacted her about even attending the Grand Old Party’s party in Tampa:

Queries to the Romney camp about any possible Palin role at the convention meet with a stony silence. Palin does not seem surprised. “What can I say?” she responded in an email from Alaska, when asked by Newsweek about the convention, just before heading to Michigan to deliver an Obama-thumping speech. “I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.”


Mitt Romney A Changed Man Or Political Opportunist

Mitt Romney, in his victory speech after his win in Nevada, made the statement:

Our vision for the future could not be more different. His, President Obama will grow government and amass more trillion dollar deficits. I will not just slow the growth of government, I will cut it. I will not just freeze the government’s share of the total economy, I will reduce it. And without raising taxes I will finally balance the American budget.

Now I will admit what I hear Mitt say on a daily basis I like. But I have a hard time believing a word he says. Not long ago Mitt was against everything that today he is for. I know that it is possible for people to change. Newt Gingrich has shown a long history of change as he has matured in his faith since the 1990’s.

Mitt Romney has not shown that his views have matured. In fact it looks to me that his views have changed to fit the views that “we the people” have and want in our elected leaders.

Mitt Romney Is Obama Light

Mitt Romney is another in a long line of Progressive Republicans also known as Republicans In Name Only or RINO’s. The only thing conservative about the former Governor of Massachusetts are his suits.

Romney talks a good game and is by far the most polished debater of the Republican field but just because someone can deliver a quick one-liner doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be president. We’re not going to elect Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock president any time soon just because they’re good at delivering witty repartee.

Like President Obama, Romney has a habit of stating one thing to the media and implementing a policy that is exactly the opposite of what he said. The similarities don’t end there,