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Why ‘Moderate Islam’ Is An Oxymoron

At a time when terrorism committed in the name of Islam is rampant, we are continuously being assured—especially by three major institutions that play a dominant role in forming the Western mindset, namely, mainstream media, academia, and government—that the sort of Islam embraced by “radicals,” “jihadis,” and so forth, has nothing to do with “real” Islam.

“True” Islam, so the narrative goes, is intrinsically free of anything “bad.” It’s the nut-jobs who hijack it for their own agenda that are to blame.

More specifically, we are told that there exists a “moderate” Islam and an “extremist” Islam—the former good and true, embraced by a Muslim majority, the latter a perverse sacrilege practiced by an exploitative minority


Christians Went To Worship God On New Years Eve But Were Blown Up By Faithful Muslims

Jan 1, 2011- Almost 10 Million Christian’s lives are in danger under “moderate islamic” government of Egypt’s rule. Alexandrian Christian, Kameel Sadeeq, shared “People went in to church to pray to God but ended up as scattered limbs. ” Egyptian Government’s response was to send troops to shut up the Christians who were demonstrating in the streets protesting the horrifying attack on the faithful! Pictures from the horrific muslim bombing on Christians

Suicide Bomber Kills 17 at Egypt Church

Dozens of people were wounded by the blast, which scattered body parts, destroyed cars and smashed windows. The attack prompted Christians to protest on the streets, and some Christians and Muslims hurled stones at each other.