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Herman Cain Says He Will Give the EPA an Attitude Adjustment

La Marque, TX – On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Republican Presidential Front-runner Herman Cain delivered a powerful speech thirty-two minute speech to the Clear Lake Tea Party. His broad speech covered a variety of topics ranging from the economy to leadership and everything in between.

Herman Cain also delivers a much needed lesson in leadership to President Obama.


A significant event has escaped serious media coverage. Few are aware that, despite his posturing on deepwater drilling, President Obama has sunk billions of American taxpayer dollars into Petrobras, a nascent Brazilian oil exploration company. Considering that President Obama consistently alleges deepwater drilling to be unsafe, this turn of events seems the ultimate ethical contradiction. Moreover, it appears that President Obama coordinated this taxpayer-funded investment with a large stock acquisition by leftist billionaire and valued campaign-contributor George Soros. Combined with Obama’s virulent attack on the US oil sector, culminating in a highly illegal ban on drilling, it would appear that Obama is misappropriating government funds to enrich a campaign financier, and possibly himself, with taxpayer dollars.