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Suggested Presidential Debate Questions For President Obama

The July 26 “Houston Chronicle”, page A6 “Debate topics, dates set” reports “the committee sponsoring this fall’s three presidential debates” has set dates, locations and topics (domestic policy and foreign policy) for all three debates.

In a fair (Forget “perfect”!) world, the 2012 Presidential debates would feature equally tough questions for both candidates about their presidential qualifications and, for Obama, specific questions about his record as president.

Realistically – given the near total abdication of 2008 mainstream media and debate “moderators” to seriously challenge then-Senator Obama about his presidential qualifications choosing instead to allow him to spout empty rhetoric – there’s no reason to believe mainstream media will not again roll over and replicate their performance in 2012, this time probably chalking it up to “deference to the office of the presidency”.

Now What Do We Grassroots Citizens Do?

We grassroots citizens are very saddened by Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign today but understand that he feels he must take care of his fatherly responsibilities to be with Bella and his family.

From Santorum’s letter to his supporters sent today at 2:20 P. M., we learned that Bella came home from the hospital last night but still has pneumonia. This is her second bout with pneumonia in a few months’ time.

Santorum praised the commitment of the 160,000 people who contributed to his campaign and stated, “We have been outspent in most states 5-1 or even 10-1. And we still won, or we’ve come incredibly close. Our average donation has been only $73.10. Few races in history have had so many people give so modestly to preserve liberty.”

Disloyalty: Barack Obama’s Systematic Destruction Of America

The exponential growth in executive power under the leadership of President Obama is a daily fact of life to which Americans must daily adjust. New offenses against the Constitution and liberty are sustained nearly every week, and almost every day, by the lusty and lawless individual claiming the hallowed title of “President of the United States.”

But how does a President of the United States whose allegiance is to his country knowingly and in plain sight sabotage his nation’s defenses? Until recently, the discussions of severe military cuts remained in the appropriate realm of working groups, and few seriously considered Obama’s radical campaign promises to eliminate nuclear weapons from the US arsenal to be of any real validity. After all, many Democrat presidential contenders before Obama had pandered to pacifists and the armies of the naïve swelling the Democratic base in order to get elected.

Democrat Trickle Down Economics – Sit Home The Rich Will Take Care Of You

Barack Obama says if you and your wife make up to $250,000 a year, he will raise your taxes, and according to Barack Obama you are a rich person. According to Barack Obama, it does it not matter if you have 5 or more children, it does not matter what other commitments your households have, you will have to pay more taxes because you are “rich”. What Mr. Obama really wants to do is to take your money and give it to the “less fortunate”, which happens to include me and a lot of other people in the United States who make a lot less than that amount. This is nothing but wealth re-distribution a la Obama, which hurts job creation, and in turn, hurts the “less fortunate.” “Spread the wealth” Obama ideology is akin to a buffet prepared by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with the standard imported caviar served at DNC parties from Moscow, the Moscow of Lenin and Stalin. Let’s face it: Obama wants to turn this country into a communist enclave by fostering class warfare – taking from the rich and giving to the poor – Robin Hood economics.

Herman Cain Says He Will Give the EPA an Attitude Adjustment

La Marque, TX – On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Republican Presidential Front-runner Herman Cain delivered a powerful speech thirty-two minute speech to the Clear Lake Tea Party. His broad speech covered a variety of topics ranging from the economy to leadership and everything in between.

Herman Cain also delivers a much needed lesson in leadership to President Obama.