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“Brady’s Law” endorsed by National Right To Life leader

National Right To Life leader endorses “Brady’s Law” in Colorado

If you’re an insider to the pro-life movement, you recognize the potential divide between “incrementalist” pro-lifers who want to make abortions harder to do, and “personhood” pro-lifers who want to ban all abortions beginning at conception.

I just conducted a news-making interview that may help bridge the pro-life divide.

Carol Tobias, president of the National Right To Life Committee (NRLC), was just interviewed on our TV show PIJN NEWS and we discussed our differences.

Carol then endorsed Colorado’s ballot initiative, Amendment 67, “Brady’s Law” that would protect children beginning at conception, giving them legal status if killed by a criminal.

Hate Speech Must STOP

Today I’ve been bombarded with articles with hate speech against those persons placed in their mother’s womb after rape. “Demon seeds” “certainly a woman’s choice” in cases of rape. What gives these people the right to say they are worthy of being on earth but people like myself are not? Allen West, “Bishop” Paul S. Morton, Sr., Billy Graham, Sean Hannity and so many people who proclaim to be prolife will stand boldly against innocent babies placed in their mother’s womb after rape. What deception! What arrogance! What ignorance! Bishop Paul S. Morton went so far as to say we were demon seeds.

I am tired of hearing the hypocrisy. If we said anything like kill babies because the father was black or kill them because we think they might be homosexuals the world would have us standing before a firing squad.

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Pro-Life? So Were We

Like so many others, we had been involved in the pro-life movement. We supported pro-life organizations and attended pro-life churches. Then, Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) came on the scene. We thought this was great! Another pro-life movement helping us, to raise awareness. But we soon discovered that AHA was not behind the pro-life movement. They said the pro-life movement had not been effective. How could they say this? It has done so much! We were quick to defend all of the hard work done by the pro-life movement. It got us to take a hard look at all of the statistics, so we could justify all of the good, which had been done. But all of the research only showed one thing; AHA was right.

In the 40 years following the Roe v Wade decision, even with all of the pro-life bills, legislation, regulation and restrictions, the abortion rate continues to climb.


Life Ethics by Dr. Beverly Nuckols

Last weekend a group of TexasGOPVote bloggers gathered in Austin, Texas to discuss various issues being faced by conservatives and what the core ideology of a conservative blog should be. The resounding issue was determined to be that of standing on the side of protecting human life. Following are some excerpts from this fascinating and thought provoking article about Life Ethics by TexasGOPVote blogger and Dr. Beverly Nuckols.

TexasGOPVote’s Dr. Beverly Nuckols
If you crack the egg of a bird on the Endangered Species List, it won’t matter that the bird was a fetus or embryo. You’ve still broken Federal law. Why is the species of an (unhatched) animal so clear cut under law, but human embryos have no protection under current law? Legal follies such as this underscore our lack of seriousness and consistency when contemplating our children of tomorrow.

Abby Johnson, Unplanned Comment?

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director is struggling to undo a statement she said. On Thursday, February 10, 2011 at the TX. state capital Abby delivered a message to about 200 pro life advocates. There were many others supporting the sonogram Texas bill HB 201.

Senator Dan Patrick went ahead of her and in his speech said there were going to be exceptions to a bill making sonograms viewable to abortion minded women. When I asked “Why” there was no answer. Abby Johnson comes up to speak later and at 6:22 minutes into her speech she says ” and no matter what the situation is for a woman a child never deserves to be killed”. I ask “not even in rape?” and she looks right at me and then away. Her next statement totally contradicts her 100% pro life previous statement. She states