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Running For President? Don’t Lose.

Running for president has its benefits for elected officials, the most obvious advantage being an increase in name recognition. But along with the perks are pitfalls which should cause sitting senators, congressmen and governors to think twice before going for presidential gold.

Consider the case of Texas Governor Rick Perry. After winning an unprecedented third term as chief executive of the Lone Star state, Perry was convinced by friends and family that he had a good shot at the GOP presidential nomination. But after his bid came up short, a statewide poll taken early in the year revealed that Perry’s popularity had suffered severely:

“He clearly hurt himself with this run,” pollster Mickey Blum said. “He didn’t do himself any favors at home.”

Who The Heck Is Rick Perry?

We all know that our nation is in trouble and we’re being attacked from all sides. Our religious and economic freedoms at risk and our borders are open, allowing those who hate us free access to this nation. We need “hope and change” in this nation’s leadership and with the Republican Primary heating up we final have some. I like Michele Bachmann. She would make a great President. Sarah Palin, if she announces, would also be great, but in the end my heart is with Governor Rick Perry.

Many on the Libertarian Right and on the Socialist left are locking arms in an effort to destroy any chance of Rick Perry winning the Republican Nomination. We need to remember this is not the Democrat or Libertarian primary, so as Republicans we need to ignore those who do not share our values.

Do you want to cut through the lies and the half truths that others are saying about Govoner Perry?


Jon Stewart Denies Leftist Media Bias

In the wake of Ben Shapiro’s book Primetime Propaganda which provides a detailed look at how the left hijacked America’s media. Jon Stewart was on with Fox News’ Chris Wallace over the weekend and actually denied that CNN, ABC, et. al. are not politically biased. Obviously Jon cannot be intellectually honest with himself but he did concede that MSNBC is trying to copy Fox’s format from a progressive (code for socialist) point of view. Stewart did admit that his show is politically biased, however, he used the copout that he is a comedian first and a pundit second.

Stewart can conveniently hide behind that façade all he wants, that’s the beauty of the first amendment, but he is one of the most significant political pundits in

Rick Perry And The Texas House Reach Agreement On Rainy Day Fund

Gov. Rick Perry has endorsed using $3.2 billion from the rainy day fund to help close the deficit in the current budget. “The Rainy Day Fund presently has approximately $8 billion in it” says Donna Garner

According to the The House Appropriations Committee prepared to vote Tuesday to use the rainy day fund money to close a $4 billion deficit in the current two-year budget cycle, which ends Aug. 31. Should the full House and Senate agree, the Legislature would have about $4 billion more to combat the state’s larger $27 billion shortfall over the next two years.

Perry said at the start of the session that lawmakers should not use any rainy-day fund money,