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Activist Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Marriage Laws

Today, Federal Judge Orlando Garcia, a President Clinton appointee, struck down Texas’ constitutional marriage amendment that defines marriage as one man and one woman. The Texas Constitution’s definition of marriage was approved by 76% of the voters at the polls in 2005, after the language passed the Texas House and Senate by a 2/3rd’s majority earlier in the same year. Judge Garcia stayed his decision pending appeal to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, meaning homosexual ‘marriage’ is still not recognized in Texas.

In response to this egregious decision I released the following statement:

“This ruling by unelected federal Judge Orlando Garcia is the most egregious form of judicial activism of our generation. This hollow victory and clear attack on morality and the rule of law will not stand in Texas. This is just the beginning of an epic battle that the Texas people will ultimately win in the name of the only true and lawful definition of marriage: one man and one woman.”

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Anti-Natural Marriage Embraced In the Democrat Party Platform

Over the last several years the differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have grown significantly. While the Republican Party is not by any means perfect, it does embrace the natural and biblical values that this nation was founded upon.

Most recently the Democratic Party has instituted a Party platform plank that supports and embraces homosexuality and same-sex marriage. The American people do not share this view of marriage, and this will further destroy the Democratic Party, and increase the contrast of differences between the Republican and Democrat Parties.

Here’s the story from the San Francisco Chronicle headlined same-sex marriage and the Democratic Party platform.