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The Church That Preaches Inequality – Who Am I?

For the first time in my life, someone told me I am not black enough and it happened in, of all places in the church? The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church meeting in Mobile Alabama to elect the leaders of the church decided to elect an indigenous Bishop for Africa, with limitations: The Bishop essentially will not have the same rights and privileges as an American Bishop: The African Bishop cannot preside over an American District, the African Bishop will be paid half the salary of an American Bishop, the African Bishop will perpetually be a junior Bishop and cannot become a Senior Bishop in the church. Basically, he/she will be a half Bishop, and they General Conference of the church passed the motion when the African delegation had no one seated. So I got up and raise a point requesting that copies of resolutions and reports be placed on the table of the African delegates, when the African delegates returned to the hall almost 2 hours after the resumption of business session,

Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Solution To Getting Rid Of High Unemployment

Dave Ramsey has gone from Zero to over 10 Million dollars in Sales in his small business. Even in this economy, he is growing his business and hiring the right candidates. Would you like to know the secret to how Dave Ramsey is growing his business? Many of us have been mentored by Dave Ramsey in his entreleadership seminars or via his broadcasts on radio, the web or on Foxnews, cnn, abc, or cbs, know how he does it, but up to now, the secret has not been as readily available as it’s going to be now.

If you are hurting, realize while Dave Ramsey now runs a successful business, a few years ago he was hurting just like many small business owners.

I was twenty-six I had over four million dollars in real estate with over one million dollars net worth. We owned and/or managed hundreds of rental units, ran three rehab crews, and quickly grew our little empire.


Fair Tax Would Increase GDP By 10.5% In The 1st Year, Producing Jobs For All Americans

Economist Dale Jorgenson of Harvard University released a research paper showing that, “…the revenue neutral substitution of the FairTax for existing taxes would have an immediate and powerful impact on the level of economic activity. GDP would increase by almost 10.5 percent in the first year.”* Jobs produced by that level of growth would be an awesome boost for our country.

However, Obama continues to attack business and kill jobs with every move. Updates today show that Obama’s out of control government policies and his back breaking anti-investment regulations have killed more jobs while bringing GDP growth to a screeching 1.8% annual rate. As if $4/gallon Gas & 17%+ under-employment was not bad enough, our President and liberal cohorts continue to push for more spending and greater powers for the EPA to protect bugs rather than help

Will Democrats Try To Attach Amnesty For Illegals To Extending Tax Cuts?

Reports out of Washington are that efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts have stalled setting the stage for the largest tax increase in American history on January 1, 2011. According to Bloomberg, the average family would owe an additional $2,600 to Uncle Sam’s coffers if an agreement cannot be reached.

At the request of Republicans, talks have been rescheduled until after the Thanksgiving holiday which will leave law maker’s precious little time to strike a deal.

Predictably we’re hearing that extending the tax cuts will add further to the deficit, when in fact, every time taxes have been cut, receipts to the treasury have increased.