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Barack Obama And The Democrat Socialists Of America

President Barack Hussein Obama’s past has been shrouded in mystery, and the media has done all they could to protect him because they share his anti-American views. In the 2008 presidential election cycle Barack Hussein Obama was not vetted by anyone in the media nor by our Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Now today, four years later, our country is spinning out of control and we are in danger of losing a nation due to the fiscal and moral destruction of all on which our nation was built. Barack Obama and the Democrats on the Left for the last four years have done all they could to wash away the pillars that our nation stands upon.

During the Cold War American Republicans and Democrats alike stood side-by-side against communism,

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Michael Moore Says Jesus Is Gay

Michael Moore was invited to speak at Georgetown University yesterday. Georgetown used to be a Christian University but they have fallen into the pagan abyss and, like many universities, simply become another communist indoctrination center.

Reportedly Moore delivered an expletive laced tirade. As if cursing wasn’t disrespecting Georgetown’s Christian heritage wasn’t blasphemy enough, Moore further sullied the university when he stated that Jesus was gay.

Moore wasn’t finished there; during the question and answer session a British student asked if a nation could be civilized if its citizens were allowed to own AK47′s. As you can guess Moore said “no – if you need protection; get a dog.” This shows an obvious lack of understanding of America’s Constitution as the Second Amendment was established to protect America’s citizens from the government.

Obama Shocks The Republicans By Picking Romney For His Running Mate In 2012

Obama shock comes in a move touted by the media as “political brilliance” when he chose Mitt Romney for his vice presidential nominee. While this move was shocking to some who had been told that Mitt Romney was a conservative, after the initial shock wore off, the policies in so many areas showed such an amazing similarity that one wondered why obama had not not chosen Romney in the 2008 election. Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Hotair, to the Weekly Standard and Cato Institute show us how Romney has a strong problem with conservatives and independents who are not fans of government takeover of healthcare.