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Tax Exempt Gospel

A tax exempt gospel does not mean we are offering the gospel free of charge.

I have heard Christians speak about the possibility of churches losing their tax exempt status if they do not comply with this or that social policy put in place by the U. S. federal government. I spoke recently about this concern with several friends who are Christian leaders. Their responses gave me much to ponder.

One pastor friend said, “American society has become increasingly vigilant regarding the separation of church and sate. How much longer can the faith community expect to receive special tax treatment?” He and fellow leaders at his mega church have pondered that they might lose their buildings and have to become a network of house churches if they lose their tax exempt status, since they could not afford to pay the taxes on their buildings.


Obama Shocks The Republicans By Picking Romney For His Running Mate In 2012

Obama shock comes in a move touted by the media as “political brilliance” when he chose Mitt Romney for his vice presidential nominee. While this move was shocking to some who had been told that Mitt Romney was a conservative, after the initial shock wore off, the policies in so many areas showed such an amazing similarity that one wondered why obama had not not chosen Romney in the 2008 election. Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Hotair, to the Weekly Standard and Cato Institute show us how Romney has a strong problem with conservatives and independents who are not fans of government takeover of healthcare.