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Stop Gambling Expansion in Texas

ACTION STEP: Please contact your Texas Legislators and tell them that we do not want any expansion of gambling in our state. Ask them to vote against both Rep. Hamilton’s HJR 147 and Rep. Hilderbran’s HB 254. Hilderbran’s bill is making rapid progress and is on the General State Calendar for this Tuesday, on 5.10.11.

Hilderbran’s bill makes Texas horse racing derbies possible; and, of course, the next small step would be a piece of legislation to open the way for racetrack casinos (“racinos”) at those horse racing derbies.

We do not want any expansion whatsoever of gambling in Texas because the net loss to communities outweighed the benefits 3 to 1!

Rep. Mike Hamilton (R – Mauriceville) is the chair of the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee and was appointed by Speaker Straus.

Don’t Spend Our Children’s Future On Today’s Pleasures

We are all aware that our nation, as well as the great state of Texas, is in big trouble. Our elected leaders have a spending problem that they are having a hard time admitting to and breaking, but we need it to stop.

There are many groups in Austin lobbying to have their pet projects continued and we do not have the money to continue this. They are now putting pressure on our elected leaders to spend the rainy day fund. While this might solve the immediate problem, it does nothing for our future but digger a bigger hole.

“We the People” did our duty. We all worked hard to get conservative Republicans elected, but now we are all sitting at home while the lobbyists are in Austin massing pressure on the elected to continue to put our children’s future in jeopardy by continuing to spend our futures on the pleasures of today.

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Big Government Republicans Are On The Loose In Austin Texas

I received an Email from a friend that I wanted to share with you. It was regarding the elected Republican unwillingness to cut the size of government and plunder the rainy day fund, also known as the “we tax the people to much fund.”

Hilderbran: Use Rainy Day Fund appropriately, and only for intended purpose

This week, the governor, state comptroller, and House speaker announced a plan to withdraw up to $3.2 billion from the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund in order to help cover the $4 billion shortfall Texas faces this year. This is the appropriate decision for our current economic problem, but we must find other alternatives for addressing the $13 billion shortfall projected over the next two years.

Rick Perry And The Texas House Reach Agreement On Rainy Day Fund

Gov. Rick Perry has endorsed using $3.2 billion from the rainy day fund to help close the deficit in the current budget. “The Rainy Day Fund presently has approximately $8 billion in it” says Donna Garner

According to the The House Appropriations Committee prepared to vote Tuesday to use the rainy day fund money to close a $4 billion deficit in the current two-year budget cycle, which ends Aug. 31. Should the full House and Senate agree, the Legislature would have about $4 billion more to combat the state’s larger $27 billion shortfall over the next two years.

Perry said at the start of the session that lawmakers should not use any rainy-day fund money,

Conservative Texas Speaker – What Was This Election Really About?

While across the country there may be some debate about whether voters were voting FOR Republicans or AGAINST Democrats, one thing is clear in Texas. Texans want Conservative leadership and they have given the Republican Party an overwhelming majority to work with. This, of course, creates a question. Who should lead the Conservative movement in the Texas House? Speaker Joe Straus would like to keep his job. Warren Chisum has thrown his hat in the ring. But neither of these men can be tagged with a label of being a champion of the principles that were campaigned on by the candidates and voters of Texas in this election. So, this begs the question, who would the Tea Party pick?