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The Name Above All Names

Those of us who are liturgical Christians, are still celebrating Christmas, still six days to go. Unlike the song, we don’t have presents everyday, but we do reflect on the meaning of the incarnation.

January the first is the eighth day of Christmas. In the Gospel of Luke, we learn that on the eighth day after his birth, that Jesus was circumcised, so it is fitting that we remember that event on the first of January.
We see several items in this one event. First, the early church fathers tell us that this is the first time we see Jesus shedding his blood to complete the law. Secondly we learn that even as a baby, (through his parents actions), Jesus keeps the law. It is the third item that will be considered today. A Jewish child is named when he is circumcised. We are told in Luke, that upon his circumcision, he was given the name of Jesus. Jesus comes from the Aramaic (the language spoken in Israel at that time), Yeshua, which comes from Yah Shua, or God saves. In other words, Jesus’s name proclaims what he was coming into the world for.