Temple Tx Police Illegally Disarm And Arrest Active Duty US Army Sergeant

Temple Texas is the last place you’d expect police to bring tyranny to it’s citizens, but in the video shown below, the police are shown illegally disarming and arresting Christopher Grisham, an active duty US soldier while on a rural hike to help his son earn an Eagle Scout badge.

Why was he detained? The first responding officer said that someone called in and reported a man walking with a rifle slung over his shoulder (which is completely legal). Mr Grisham asked the officer if he explained the law to that the person that called the police. The Sergeant responded “They don’t care what the law is.”

When he asked the officers what law he had broken, the Temple police officers invented a new crime – “rudely displaying a weapon.” Displaying a weapon rudely is not mentioned in any Texas law. In fact, you can openly carry rifles and shotguns in the state of Texas. A CHL is not needed to do this. However, you must do so in a manner not “calculated” to cause alarm; meaning you are carrying the rifle to purposely intimidate or scare people by threatening them or pointing it at someone. Mr Grisham was hiking in a rural area with his rifle on a sling. He obviously wasn’t out threatening anyone.

Several disturbing comments were made by the Temple police offers during Mr Grisham’s detainment.

At the 3:39 mark, after Mr Grisham explains Texas law to the officers, the first responding office quickly and sarcastically states that he “felt threatened” by the soldier and Eagle Scout.

At the 3:55 mark, the Sergeant in charge tells Mr Grisham that police are exempt from the law.

At the 5:15 mark, the offer tells Mr Grisham he’s a bad excuse of a dad, right in front of his son. I suppose he thinks that a good parent should never speak up and defend their rights.

At the 5:45 mark, the Sergeant states that all people that have guns are dangerous. It’s horrible to hear the police take this stance since only an extremely small fraction of gun owners have ever committed a crime. If we allow the police to treat all gun owners as criminals, then they could just wait at gun ranges and near other shooting and hunting areas to detain everyone they see, for no legal reason what so ever.

At the 5:59 mark, the Sergeant tries to compare people that carry rifles in Temple Texas to insurgents in the war in Iraq. These officers badly need a refresher course on American’s constitutional rights.

At 6:55, when Mr Grisham asks repeatedly what crime he is being detained for, the Sergeant replies “because you’re carrying a firearm.” Another fabricated law that they made up on the spot.

Mr Grisham eventually is placed in the police car and charged with “resisting arrest”, which he may have done verbally by arguing the law and defending his rights, but once he as booked into jail were reduced, but not dropped, and the Temple Police have refused to return Mr Grisham’s firearms or his concealed carry permit.

The open carry of long arms in Texas is a very common and legal occurrence. Not only are they carried for protection from attacks by people, snakes, dogs, coyotes, wild hogs, mountain lions, etc, they are also occasionally displayed during protests as an exercise of our American rights. The images shown alongside this text show people carrying long arms while protesting civil rights issues. These protests were done in urban areas without harassment by the police, so it’s  particularly disturbing to see this happen in a rural area where rifles are used more often in peoples day to day activities.

The definition of tyranny is the arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority. Inventing laws that don’t exist, restricting an American’s rights when he hasn’t committed a crime, and charging a person with a crime he hasn’t committed because you believe that police are exempt from the law definitely fall under that definition. It’s sad to see the police bring that kind of rule to the people of Temple Texas.

If you’d like to learn more about this case, or help Christopher Grisham with his legal defense fun, visit this link for more information.

To speak with Officer Steve Ermis and Sergeant Minnicks of the Temple Police Department click here, or call (254) 298-5500 and ask them about how they train their officers on Texas gun laws and the US Constitution.

9 Responses

  1. Lonnie Williams says:

    This is such an egregious afront to the law abiding citizen on the state and federal levels it is laughable! I mean laughing at the backwater Temple police department! The bigger question is – Why hasn’t the Texas AG stepped in to set this right? I do hope Chris has a good attorney because he should be able to put a big dent in the city of Temple’s budget…unfunded obligations. He should use Temple as an example of what police departments should not do to its citizens. Generally I’m not in favor of litigation all the time but this is one case where the city should feel the pain!

  2. michael spencer says:

    This is so simple, the two cops are a couple of dumbass red necks who looking for something to do. Gov perry shud step in and shut this crap down. Damn dunder headed fat ass out of state cops.

    • Dennis Betterton says:

      Michael, while I agree with your sentiment toward the 2 Temple police officers, you “dumbass red necks” comment is somewhat ignorant.

      Towards Lonnie’s comments, I agree whole heartedly that the Texas AG or perhaps the Temple Chief of Police should step up and correct this silly but serious violation of rights. However, I don’t think the citizens of Temple should suffer from a huge lawsuit unless they support the actions of these 2 ignorant and arrogant cops.

      I hope this gets settled simply with the returning of the man’s possessions and a major apology to him and his son AND either the firing or disciplining of the 2 cops.

  3. michael spencer says:

    Out of shape was the word I was looking for. The cops shud be sued for wrongful arrest….and fired

    • Ed says:

      Since the cops went against STATE law and possibly FEDERAL law, shouldn’t they be considered DOMESTIC ENEMIES and dealt with accordingly?

  4. misty Schlabach says:

    I think these cops are in the wrong. The only reason they arrested him is because he put them in their place. He knows the law better then them and they were humiliated. I think they should be charged with wrongful arrest and harassment!!!! I thought the cops were here to protect?

  5. misty Schlabach says:

    My husband just made a valid point. If we feel threatened by a cop can we disarm and arrest them????

  6. I dont even have the words… WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

  7. Joel Dicks says:

    I consider myself a liberal who voted for Obama and tend to agree more with the Democratic party on most issues but this makes me sick. When I here my conservative and liberal friends talk about a tyranical gov’t. this kind of crap comes to mind. The fact that these officers don’t even know the law and broke it themselve and are not even held accountable is unbelievable and everyone should care, and I would say to my liberal friends who don’t like guns and believe in more restrictions (unlike me) that even if you disagree with a law that doesn’t make cops lawmakers on the spot it makes them tyrants. Unfortunatley I don’t hear any Republican or Democratic lawmakers even addressing this which is sad. These cops should be brought up on charges and made examples of before citizens start taking the “law” into their own hands. Americans should start arming themselves now just in case. Republicans and Democrats should end the war on drugs also so it doesn’t give them powers to arrest people more easily. What happened to Sergeant Grisham happens all the time in America its just usually not on video. END THE POLICE STATE.

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