TX State Representative Debbie Riddle Applauds Senate Passage Of Voter ID Bill

Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle comments on the passage of Voter ID legislation in the state senate. Now it is on the State House to take care of business and protect the integrity of the Texas voting system.

AUSTIN – Less than three weeks into the new legislative session, the Texas Senate has passed a voter ID measure that is being called the toughest in the country. Representative Debbie Riddle (R – District 150) says the House is set to follow suit right away, bringing an end to the four year debate that has derailed the previous two sessions.

“The people are tired of business as usual,” Riddle said. “That’s why they elected a 101-seat Republican supermajority in the House, and that’s why voter ID is going to be passed in near record time this session.”

Senate Bill 14 by Senator Troy Fraser (R – Horseshoe Bay) was approved by a 19-11 vote on Wednesday night and requires voters to produce one of four forms of photo ID or a concealed handgun license in order to be accepted at the polling place. A driver’s license or state ID, a military photo ID, a citizenship certificate bearing a photo, a U.S. passport, or a CHL are the only documents that will earn you passage into a voting booth under the new proposal.

Riddle camped out in front the House on the first day bills were eligible to be filed back in November to make sure a voter ID bill was the very first bill filed in Texas this session.

“It was the first bill I filed because it is my top priority this session,” Riddle said. “I am very pleased with the urgency the Governor and the Senate have shown on this issue, and I am very proud to co-sponsor the bill in the House and pass it into law immediately if not sooner.”

The House must wait until its committees have been formed before fast-tracking the bill through the process and taking a vote before the full body, a step the Senate has the unique authority to skip by convening as its own committee, which it did last Tuesday. House Committee assignments are expected to be announced next week, and Riddle estimates the bill could be signed into law before the end of February.

Democrat Representative Garnet Coleman continues to state that their is no voter fraud taking place and that this is bill is not needed. With groups such as Acorn and Houston Votes manufacturing thousands of fraudulent voter registrations to keep democrats in power, I can see why Coleman would be upset about protecting the integrity of the voting process.


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