Where’s the Beef, in Republican candidates, in 2015?

What type of Republican Leader do you want in 2015?

As we look at elections coming up quickly in 2015, as well as the very important 2016 election cycle, what type of “Republican” leaders do you want to shape the future of your county and country?

Do you ever wonder why it is that the current crop of Republicans are not declaring, at every media interview, “These ills have been brought to you by the Democrat Party!” when speaking of Obamacare, the hordes of immigrants being allowed to destroy our country, the Iranian nuclear treaty, the “Black Lives Matter” racial division rhetoric, the attack on the defense of marriage, the 94 million Americans not currently in the work force, and so many other issues that should be providing a “target rich environment” for tough, eloquent Republicans to show the stark difference between what we believe and what the “loony Left” and complicit Republicans believe.

I suggest that a great deal of frustration exists at the grass roots level of the Republican Party. Those of us who truly believe the values defined in the Party platform are at a loss, because while our platform defines values that are precious to us, we can’t seem to find any leaders who are willing to stand up and proclaim them in public or in policy.

After the last seven years of onslaught from the traitorous White House, the lunacy from the Democrat Party, and the betrayal from complicit, so called “Republicans”, it is time that we take seriously the type of candidates we choose to support!

After the Obamacare debacle “Republicans” took control of the house.   Not much changed;  Obama and the Left steam rolled us, on an almost daily basis, with an assault of  “Czarist” regulations, and every possible attack on our God-given rights, from freedom of speech  and religion to 2nd. Amendment  rights and the attack on the institution of marriage. We were told that the reason “Republicans” couldn’t stop Obama is because they didn’t have control of the Senate.

Last year “Republicans” finally achieved a majority in the Senate.  This year we have been told, “The reason we can’t do anything is because we don’t have the White House.”  And we continue to see a massacre on our sensibilities with conspiracy to provide amnesty to the hordes crossing our borders, allowing Planned Parenthood to continue to receive federal funding, and acquiescence to the double-crossing Iranian nuclear treaty.

Aren’t you about fed up with this?

Locally the Harris County Republican Party has been silent when it comes to combating the “H.E.R.O.” or “bathroom” Proposition one ordinance.  And the traditional “Republican” candidates running for Mayor of the city of Houston either don’t think it is any of your business to know if they will support Proposition one, or flat out support it.

It is demoralizing to not find anyone to support the values that “We the people” hold dear, and leads the voter to ask “Why should I even show up to vote” and  “What good will it do?”  There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans!

I have a few suggestions for you, to help keep your sanity in the insane world we live in.

First of all, remember this.  Don’t ever believe what a politician says! I don’t care how eloquent he or she is, how good looking they are, what a nice sounding name they have, or how well their hair looks.  The sole criteria to start out with is what they have actually done in the past to promote the values that are important to YOU!.  Talk is cheap, and our politicians certainly have a lot of hot air, but I love the old Wendy’s commercial of “Where’s the beef?”

Next ask them pointed questions about whether they will uphold the Party platform in public or in the policy decisions they hope to make. How have they done this in the past?  Here is where you will be able to separate the “men” from the “boys”, or “women” from the “girls”.  If they give you answers such as “The Party platform is great, but it contradicts itself in several places”, or if they waver at all, or refuse to answer the question, a bright red flag should be raised to warn you to stay far away from them.

Friends, the future for your posterity is far too important to leave it in the hands of the milquetoast, spineless, press and Hollywood-pleasing “go along to get along”, value-compromising, type of “Republican”  who lets the Left walk all over them and you, we have seen so often recently.  I urge you to ask God for discernment and wisdom, not be fooled by rhetoric;  get off your tail ends, spend a few minutes examining the campaign finance records of politicians in question; examine what they have actually done in the past to promote the values that are important to YOU, ad do not accept anything less than candidates who will do what they say, and have a proven track record of support for their constituents.

I guess if I could have my “perfect” candidate, it would be someone who:

  • Is tough as nails in what they believe, why they believe it, and have put their life and reputations on the line, advancing the goals of those that put them in office before their own personal or financial interests
  • Has the tenacity of a bulldog in carrying out mandates from their constituents
  • Is more creative than the Left in promoting the conservative principles that made our country great
  • Can’t be bought, threatened or blackmailed into betraying the wishes of their constituents

I urge you to go out and look for this type of “Republican” to restore the good name to our Party, with those leaders who hold the values that “We the People” hold!


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