Why Racism Is Alive And Well: It’s Not Why You Think!

Here is a great article from Joe Lovell at The Christian Republic:

I have come to the conclusion that racism is indeed alive and well and living in America. Racism is a living, breathing septic disease that has been tearing away at our country for decades. With everything you see and hear in the news, it’s hard to believe we are capable of living on the same planet. The vile, despicable things that spew from people’s mouths is enough to make God Himself ask, “What are they thinking?” Yes, racism is alive and well, but not for the reason many would like the world to believe.

Racism, or merely the hint of racism, is the trusted weapon of mass destruction of all liberals. It takes very little action, or at times a lack there of, to ignite the fire. Sadly, the very voices that scream the loudest are the ones projecting the most hate. Until a massive hole opens in the earth and swallows up the likes of Reverend Wright, Quanell X, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson, the problem will never go away. Until we return our focus to living a Godly life, the enemy will continue to use to divide and conquer.

This past week a firestorm erupted over a cartoon image of Obama that was emailed by a low level conservative leader in California. First and foremost, folks need to lighten up. Much like the entire Obama presidency, iw was a joke! I don’t think for even a second this seventy-four year old woman had racism in her heart when the “cartoon” was emailed to her friends. Poor judgement, but hardly racism. However, I truly believe the person that shared it with the press is dripping with hate. There’s little doubt as to this person’s true motivation.

It amazes me how the media is having a field day with this sort of non-sense. You would think someone had accused Obama of incest with his children. No, that was the treatment liberals heaped on the Palin family. Are you kidding me? Your very own president makes wise cracks about special needs kids, and people want to get bent out of shape about a cartoon? No wonder this country is in such a mess!

But who are the real racist?

Would we be racist if we formed the United Caucasian College Fund? Would Jesse Jackson rally the troops if we launched the National Association for the Advancement of White People? Would the entire liberal left go off the deep end if we formed the Congressional White Caucus? And my personal favorite, WET, White Entertainment Television. Yet, the NAACP, CBC, BET and UNCF are all shoved down our throats daily. If you really want to find racism in it’s purest form, look no further than these organizations. What really makes no sense whatsoever, the Congressional Black Caucus is comprised of members of our federal government. And people like Sheila Jackson Lee call us racist? Again, are you kidding me?

Racism will never go away as long is it remains a primary bargaining weapon of liberals and those that bleed the system dry. Conservatives need to draw a line in the sand and say “Enough”! If we stop responding to their idiotic attacks they will eventually go away. When we stop responding to their rants and giving in to their demands, all of this mess will go away.

I pray for the day when none of us are identified by our skin color. I pray for the day when the world realizes the only thing any of us are entitled to is eternity in Heaven. And even that is not something we have earned or “owed” in any way. The entitlement of everlasting life is the greatest gift we will ever receive, if we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. Everything else (homes, cars, clothes, education, citizenship) must be earned!

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  1. Wil says:

    I notice all the racists you mentioned are African-American. Are there no prominent Caucasian racists? That seems unlikely. David Duke, Bill O’Reilly, and Joseph L. Graves come to mind. The ignorance you display in regard to predominantly Black organizations and entities is another reason racism thrives. The reason the NAACP, the UNCF, and similar organizations were created is because whites excluded minorities from universities, tv programs, beauty contests, certain neighborhoods etc. Just because things have improved, you expect these organizations to go away?

    NARAL didn’t go away with abortion was legalized. We’ve cured Polio and the March of Dimes is still around. Whites have their BET. Have you seen the CW, you can watch that network for a week and count the number of minorities in major roles on one hand. That goes for MTV and Lifetime too.

    • Joe Lovell says:

      Wil, Just to set the record straight, O’Riley is not a racist. He tells it like it is without pulling punches. Screaming racism is Article 1 from the liberal playbook. Anyone that doesn’t agree is labeled a racist. Sorry, but that song has gotten old. I totally agree, there was a time when certain organizations played a role in defending minority rights. HOWEVER, that role has shifted greatly. The organizations you reference cry wolf (racism) at the drop of a hat. If I make a comment about Obama’s mouthwash you would consider it racist. No one, and I mean no one is ENTITLED to ANYTHING based on the color of their skin. NOTHING! Slavery ended a very long tiome ago. Nothing that was endured by anyone 150 years ago ENTITLES you to anything. It well past time for the left to shut up and act responsibly. It’s also well past time for Conservatives to tell the left to just shut up. Just imagine how great of a nation this will be when the name-calling petty crap comes to a halt.

  2. A.M. says:

    Looking for Caucasion racism? Watch the YouTube video included with Joe’s article. I noticed plenty of it there.

  3. Bill Kneer says:

    Seems like some would rather keep there eyes closed and not see the truth. Yes i am sure there is SOME on all sides….But MOST is on the left.

    I have never seems hate from the tea party…But front the left its all over.

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